{So Cute DIY} Candy Corn Garland

Since I’m devoting this week to “Candy Corn” ideas, I was so happy to  stumble upon a great tutorial for a darlin’ garland on the Poppytalk blog. It’s so easy, give it a try. So here we go…

(Images via the Poppytalk blog.)

Candy Corn Garland Instructions

1.) First, you will need to draw the shape of a candy corn about 4-5 inches long and 2-3 inches across.(basically a triangle shape with rounded edges. See, that wasn’t hard). The size is really up to your individual preference.(if you’re using it for a backdrop—go larger, for table top—smaller. 

2.) Get yourself some cardstock in white, orange and yellow. 

3.) Cut out the 3 shapes and tape them together with clear tape.(make several)

4.) To assemble your garland,  sew the corn shapes together. Lay them out on the floor or  table top to determine how long you want them to hang. (you can use orange thread to sew on the back side. (no sewing machine–no worries, just tape the thread to backside.)  Space the corn  about 2-3″ apart. Decide how long you want the garland to hang and that will determine how many corns you will need on the thread.

5.) You’re ready to hang them up and have a Candy Happy Halloween!

I’d love to see your pics!


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