{Photo Shoot} Lemonade Stand

Can we just squeeze in one more Lemonade Stand before the end of summer?

Our pink and yellow cupcakes were the  inspiration for our stand. We chose to alternate the colors of the batter with the liners. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

Since we made both pink and yellow lemonade we chose to use two different cups to serve them in. The pinwheel straws make it a lot more fun to drink from.

Popcorn was served in cardstock cones that we made and the sandbucket was the perfect serving piece.

 Frosting  Shots are a fun, new idea. To make these, we dipped the rims of tiny ice cream cones in chocolate and topped them with a dollop of buttercream frosting. We topped them off with sprinkles and a gumball. I mean really, isn’t frosting everyone’s favorite part ?

Gumballs are always a big hit.

Pink and yellow happen to be one of my favorite color combinations, therefore inspiring my Housewares Lemonade collection. The collection includes these  linen pillows and pink and yellow polka dot gift bags. The pillows are so sweet with citrus shades of lemon, key lime and bubble gum tulle  poms. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring these shades and more!

The pink and yellow polka dot gift bags with their oversize drawstring bows are great for party gift bags, bridal party gifts or containing your favorite items. Would a little teddy bear look adorable cuddled in one?



  1. Found you by way of DID. I love these party pics…so cute! Keep them coming.


  1. […] I was working on the Lemonade Photo Shoot last week, I got inspired to design these  super fun pillows. Since I’m a lover of tulle  […]

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