Antique Faire

A few weeks ago I was at the Randolph Street Antique Fair in Chicago.

It’s in a great neighborhood and draws quite a bit of people. Nate Berkus, the fabulous designer from the Nate Berkus Show (and may I add so cute!) says that this faire is one of the best. It certainly had many treasures. This day I was drawn to the gorgeous Shabby Chic booth which was stacked with so many beautiful things. (I’ll have one of everything please). I spotted this white iron stand with candles adorning it.

Well, forget the candles, and add the cupcakes, I thought. Voila, I have myself a new way to display my cupcakes.

She also had these tiny little glass glasses. Wow, there will be so many uses for these.

 I’ll probably use them for mini sundaes …

… or displaying toppings for ice cream or cookies …

 … or maybe in my workroom for my small supplies.

Gee, I might have to go back and get more. I love the hunt for special pieces that seem to make everything  just a little “sweeter.” What would you use them for?



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